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Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)

CMA Exam Books available on Scanneradda

Scanner is one of the most trusted brands in India for publishing competitive books like CA, CS, and CMA. We are glad to say that Scanner publishes more than 200 books for CA, CS, CMA and many more other competitive exams.

CMA: In India, the Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) is a professional certification course conducted by Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India (ICMAI). The CMA certification is recognized as a mark of professional excellence in the field of management accounting and financial management in India.

A CMA certification can enhance an individual's earning potential in India and help them progress their careers in management accounting and financial management. Following are the three levels of the CMA Course which are required to be qualified by any aspirant who wishes to become a CMA in future and they are:

  • CMA Foundation Exam:This is the first level of the course and it teaches students the fundamentals of cost and management accounting. The first level lasts for eight months. You must receive at least 40% in this exam to pass. To achieve the best points, study from our CMA Foundation Books by Shuchita Prakashan.

  • CMA Intermediate Exam: This is the second level of CMA and at this level, you'll learn more in-depth information about taxation, cost accounts, and financial accounting. There are eight papers in total, split into two groups. CMA Intermediate Books by Scanner are the best one for the students as they provide not only the latest syllabus but previous year question papers as well. Students who have passed the CMA Foundation exam or graduated with any other degree are the only ones who can give the CMA Intermediate Exam.

  • CMA Final Exam: The CMA Course's last phase is the ICMAI CMA Final Course (Cost and Management Accounting). Eight subjects are included in the CMA Final syllabus, and they are split into two categories. Students can check all the CMA Final Books on our website and can purchase them online and offline as well.

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